Yes, regrets , I have had a few but too few to mention, until now that is .

as some of you may know i am hoping to dispose of my house and return to my “old county” Norfolk !

health is one of the big issues and the relaxed atmosphere in Norfolk has agreed with me , so much so that on my return after a six week break i have gone and broke my wrist which has left me out of action for some time to come; not only that but today an ecg test suggests that i should slow down!, not only that but a mix up with hospital records almost had me rushed in for emergency heart treatment ! My grateful thanks to those who have provided emergency  transport, Haydn, Brian and Roy, it will be dificult  to say goodby to you all but I hope to be around for a while and also to be able to  make the odd visit later next year. Obviously this is going to mean  a new  comp sec will have to be found, better now than half way through the season !, I will give every assistance to who ever picks up the baton of course and will even write the odd article for this site .  It can be really vituperative if I am 300 miles away, so i am relying on the gossips to keep me primed !

Finally , please do try to get to Llanhilleth for the PAGB print show , there are some excellent works on show I can promise you !