Studio Booking

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Using the studio

  1. The studio is available to NDPS members only.
  2. No illegal activities are to be undertaken at the premises at any time.
  3. No one is to undertake any activities at the club for financial gain.
  4. The NPS premises are only to be used for the purposes of the Photographic Society; no other activities are sanctioned by the Committee.
  5. A surcharge is payable by members for use of the studio facilities; the amount of the surcharge is to be determined as an when appropriate by the committee to cover the cost of maintaining and replacing studio equipment.
  6. The premises must not be sublet to any other person, business, or organisation.
  7. The clubhouse and equipment is to be treated with respect, and is to be left in the manner in which it is expected to be found. Any rubbish is to be taken home, and unless you are prepared to pay for a cleaner you clean up your own mess.
  8. Everyone entering the club must sign in, including models and guests.
  9. No member or guest of NPS is to engage in any activity that would bring NPS or its members in to disrepute.
  10. Safety is the responsibility of everyone. Take care to ensure the premises is safe for you, other members, and the general public when you are using it, and when you leave.
  11. Any damaged or missing equipment must be reported to the Media Officer.
  12. Any equipment used is to be stowed neatly, safely, and securely after use.
  13. Please ensure when leaving that all the lights, heating, and water are off, and the alarm is armed.
  14. Any persons under 18 years of age are to be accompanied by a responsible adult family member.
  15. Model release forms are to be completed at all photographic shoots.

The clubhouse is a wonderful resource but it will only continue to be so if we take care of it and use it.

Booking the Studio

All Club members are entitled to use the studio facilities for non-commercial use only.

  • When booking the studio it is essential to first confirm access arrangements with one of the key holding committee members.
  • The committee member is responsible for unlocking the club to gain access and locking and setting the alarm when the session is completed.
  • Once access arrangements have been finalised the studio session can be booked using the Online Booking Portal.
  • To register an account to use the online booking portal, please contact the site administrator.  Members who do not have Internet Access can ask a committee member for assistance.
  • When using the studio, the attendance book must be signed by every person using the studio, failure to do so may result in access to the club being denied in the future.
  • There is a fee of £10.00 payable for use of the studio equipment.