Belated report on Amman Valley Battle and Barrian cup

Between one thing and another I just have not had time to write a full report on these events ,

However with a prolonged holiday looming I must try to bring you all up to date. The amman battle was won by Tenby who are sweeping the board this year, lets hope they can keep it up at the Warwick digital event in July, I for one will be there to give them our support!, our best results at Amman were Dave Edwards’s Polar Bear and Arfon’s “Rhodri”on 19, Haydn followed closely on 18 with his “Shaggy Ink Cap, while the other 5 collected 74 points between them giving us atotal of 130 points to Tenby’s 136.

Barrian cup was a much closer run thing with a neck and neck finish , Arfon @s second movement opened the proceedings with a maximum 20, the next 3 images were North wind (Kevin Hunt),17, Wind N/E fair visibility (Dewi),17, Mumbles lighthouse storm (Ken Watkins),16 and Force 5 (Haydn) almost won it for us but Port Talbot pipped us by one point !, even the judge expressed surprise that we came second after scoring 2 20 points, the only club to do so .

Never mind , a good start to the new season , Next battle will be at home early September and another away at Amman Valley early October , Hand in for this will probably be very early September, 8 prints , 8 dpi,s 1024 x 768 300ppi. You have been warned , make sure your friends know this and are ready for the next season .

First night will be enprint competition , check the rules for this one, UP TO  4 prints, UNMOUNTED max size 7 x 5

well I am off to Norfolk again and lake Maggiore in Northern Italy for a well deserved rest , see you all on my return !