Cropping an Image for Club Competitions

The maximum image sizes required for entry into Club Competition are 1400 pixels by 1050 pixels.  Note these are the maximum sizes, the image can be smaller along one of the edges depending on the way it has been cropped.  The easiest way, I find, is to create a pair of Preset Tool sizes for the Crop Tool.

To Do This in Photoshop :-

  • Finish off any adjustments to the image and flatten image.
  • Open the Crop Tool a Tool Bar will appear below the menu headings.
  •  Depending on the type of image you have on the screen, (Landscape format or Portrait format) type in 1400px (for Landscape format) in the Width box or 1050px (for Portrait format) in the Height box. The px stands for Pixels and is essential.
  • The Resolution box can be set at 72ppi as the images are to be projected, this is not essential.
  • In the Tool Bar click on the down arrow sitting beside the Crop Tool symbol. A list of Preset Tool sizes are now available.
  • Either click on the Menu button (the button with a sideways arrow) and New Tool Preset or click on the Create New Tool Preset icon (looks like a page with the bottom left corner folded).  This will bring up a Dialogue Box.
  • In the Box type either Club Landscape or Club Portrait depending on the format crop you have defined. Your Crop Preset is now ready for use.
  • When you want to Crop an image select the appropriate Preset Tool from the menu and Crop the image.
  • Check your image size by going to Image>Image Size.