Salon Successes

My pleasure to report more salon acceptances for members of Neath Photographic Society.

Colin Kelly – 1 accepted in Club Bor 2011 (Serbia)

Haydn Thomas DPAGB AFIAP – 36 acceptances in Great British Small Print Circuit 2011 with 1 HC and 2 acceptances in Southampton.

Linda Cowen – 4 acceptances in 2011 Everglades and 1 acceptance in 2011 Greater Lynn (Canada)

Dave Edwards AFIAP – 4 acceptances in 2011 Everglades with 1 HM, 3 in 2011 Greater Lynn (Canada) with 1 Medal and 6 acceptances in Southampton with a Certificate.

Well done to all, this now brings the club total up to 255 acceptances since April last year.