New Season Starting Tuesday 4th September

Welcome to a new season at Neath Photographic Society; Tuesday night (4th September) is our opening night and En-print Competition.

En-print Competition

There is no limit to the amount of en-prints you may enter but, please be aware we close the club up at 21.30 so not too many.

An en-print is either a 6×4 or a 5×7 print and there should be minimal ‘photoshopping’; Levels and Cropping only please.

Colour or monochrome en-prints are allowed and ideally the photos should have been taken over the summer.

This competition is a bit of fun on our first night back, and will enable you to get back in touch with all those happy smiling faces you have missed over the summer.

Competition One

Tuesday is also the hand in day for Competition One

This is an OPEN competition and you may enter:

  • 1 Colour Print
  • 1 Monochrome Print
  • 1 Colour Projected Image
  • 1 Monochrome Projected Image
  • Or any combination of the above.

Please only put the title of the image on the back of the print in the top left hand side (looking from the back) and an arrow to indicate the correct orientation, the prints should be mounted on a board no bigger than 400mm x 500mm, window mounting and flush mounting are both acceptable.

If possible could you please put the digital version of your prints on a flash drive/USB stick in a separate folder. Projected images can be either sent to me directly or put into a folder on a flash drive/USB stick, please do not ask me to go looking through hundreds of images to find the right one. PI’s should be sized to a MAXIMUM of 1400pixels on the longitudinal side or 1050pixels on the horizontal side and should be titled with Title(underscore)Name e.g Wet Days_Joe Bloggs CPAGB. Any work used in any previous season is not eligible in the same format, let’s see some new work please.

Have a good season and bring a friend along, you never know they might actually enjoy themselves and join our Society.