Competition 3 open

Well this has been and gone I had hoped some one else might have attempted a report, fine chance ! well Ian Ledgard returned to be our judge for the night, his last effort here had not enamoured him to some but at least he tells it as he sees it. This time he took the trouble to show with practical examples how some of the dpi’s could have been improved by cropping them . Personally i thought this was a good move for the members and i think most accepted the comments and will learn from the critique. One area where I was surprised was when he had earlier commented on our not producing good digital work, he then marked second a very good example of digital construction. OK so it was very twee but it was well done . Personally I have now become the president of the double 9 club as he just did not get my two prints!!!!, he did do slightly better with my rally car though ! Results for the night were as follows , Colour Prints Kevin Hunt 19 points for his skyscraper, Terry Goss 18 for Molly on a fly agaric , Julian Brock 17 points for The Face of Elyse(2) . Mono Arfon John 18 points the Union ,equal with Julian Brock’s Face of Elyse (1), third was Haydn’s Over the last , a very succesful conversion from colour to black and white . DPI’s Arfon john 19 points for through a glass darkly, ( he would have had 20 if he had listened to me and cropped it !), 2nd Rob Lethbridge 18 points for Meli court falls , thats the last time I take him there ! ), equal third was Haydn and Julian, Haydn’s lakeland scene and Julians girl in the window with 17 points. a very enjoyable evening for some , deflation for yours truly (but my shoulders are broad), but it should also be pointed out that Ian himself scored a 10 points at the Stanley Chell only for the same DPI to be accepted for a international salon in India ! Judges huh !!!