Trophy Winners 2009/10

Trophy Winner
Enprint Sian Gittins
Assignment PI Tony Shadrach
Assignment Prints Haydn Thomas
Charles Gratland Trophy – People Linda Cowen
Penyscynor Trophy – Florea and Fauna Dave Edwards
Keith Harrison Trophy for Beginners PI Brian Callard
W.G. Tonner Cup for Beginners Print Brian Callard
D. Jennings Cup – Colour Print 1,3,5 Dave Edwards
D.L.Williams Cup – Colour Print 2,4,6 Brian Callard
J.M Saunders Cup – Mono Print 1,3,5 Colin Kelly
Colin John Memorial Trophy – Mono Print 2,4,6 Dave Edwards
Ellis Jenkins Cup – Colour PI 1,3,5 Colin Kelly
Star Signs Trophy – Mono PI 1,3,5 Brian Callard
House of Frames Trophy – C olour PI 2,4,6 Graham Cull
Camarthen Cameras Cup – Mono PI 2,4,6 Arfon John
Dennis Wood Memorial Trophy – PI of the Year Dave Edwards
George Kerswell Memorial Trophy
– Print of the Year
Dave Edwards
Richard Cadle Trophy
– External Scores (184) (TS-97)
Haydn Thomas
Vince Gwilym Trophy
– Photographer of the Year Runner up (150)
Tony Shadrach
Photographer of the Year (198) Dave Edwards