New Trophies

There has been a change to the Trophies for the new season.  Authors will now be allocated points towards the Richard Cadle Trophy for acceptances into any Salons, National or International.  To have these points allocated I must have proof of acceptance.  This can either be the letter or e-mail you receive to confirm your acceptances. Points will not be allocated on word of mouth. No Proof, No Points

Projected Images – from this season the PI’s will be divided into Competitions 1,3 & 5 (Open) and Competitions 2,4 & 6 (Set Subject).  There will also be a section for Colour PI’s and Mono PI’s in each of the Competitions.  You will now be allowed to enter 1 Colour Print, 1 Mono Print, 1 Colour PI and 1 Mono PI in each monthly competition.