Gwyn Hall Burns

Just as we were leaving beginners night the sky was lit up by flames leaping from the roof of the Gwyn Hall at Neath Several members were lucky enough to have cameras with them and our beginners were everywhere around the town centre, seems we will have some “HOT” (sorry about that ) shots for the night photography competition .

3 of the more agile members were seen scrambling on the roof of the Canterbury Inn for that different angle, our thanks to the landlord for taking us up to the roof top!

Some where along the way we lost Kevin, hope he was not called on for his professional duty . Sciatica did not seem to be a problem for one member up on the roof, he just kept muttering ,”pass me my diclofenic,” not sure if that was a wide angle , telephoto , or placebo!

Pockets of fire were still breaking out early morning with surrounding roads still closed, doesn’t look good so far.