First Bill Stephens Memorial Battle.

Tues Apr 28th at Abertawe CC saw the first Bill Stephens Memorial Shield being contested for in a Six-Way print battle involving, Morriston CC, Mumbles & West Cross PS, Port Talbot CC, Swansea CC, Abertawe CC and ourselves. Both of Bill’s children, son David and daughter Lynne were present at this inaugural battle in memory of their dad who was a loyal member and valued Officer of Abertawe CC for well over thirty years.


The venue, welcome and hospitalty, were all excellent and our judge for the evening was Les Loosemore who gave us his usual high standard of positive and helpful critiques interspersed with some humorous anecdotes. Indeed the quality of prints was high with nothing scoring less than 15/20.


Neath PS was represented by the following prints, three of which were highly commended (HC) and the scores are also shown :- 


“Suspicious” (Arfon John) – 17/20
“The Old Wooden cart” (Haydn Thomas CPAGB) – HC – 19/20
“Perlan Building” (Brian Callard) – 17/20
“Locust” (Colin Kelly) – 16/20
“Break in the clouds” (Terry Goss) – HC 19/20
“Polar Bear” (Dave Edwards) – HC 19/20


Mumbles & West Cross = 98/120
Morriston = 101/120
Abertawe = 102/120
Swansea = 105/120
Port talbot = 106/120
Neath PS = 107/120


As you can see, there was hardly anything between the clubs and as Les Loosemore commented  -“Another judge might see things differently.” – but Haydn (CPAGB) and I actually liked the way Les saw things! 


Mr Haydn Thomas (CPAGB) graciously accepted the Shield on behalf of NPS from Bill Stephens’ daughter Lynne, whilst I did mental cartwheels around the room!

 Another good battle win for us this season and well done to all involved. 


P.S. Another highlight of the evening was Haydn (CPAGB) winning a bottle of booze in the raffle.

Arfon John