Competition 3 Open – Results

With an entry of 30 Projected Images and 29 Prints, Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB had a full evening ahead of him.  With his characteristic anecdotes Gareth, an old friend and ex-member of Neath gave his comments on the Prints and PI’s offered to him.  Results are as follows –

Projected Images.

Craig and Maizie Colin Kelly M 20
Get A Grip Haydn Thomas M 20
Wolves In Snow Dave Edwards M 20
Paradise Lost Arfon John C 19
Cat Nap Stuart Meredith C 18
Rest In Peace Esther Graham Cull C 18
Eagle Owl In Flight Haydn Thomas C 17
Polar Bears, Mother and Cub Linda Cowen C 17
Southern Delight Brian Callard M 17
Game Over Colin Kelly C 16
Lonely Life Dai Dugay C 16
Mwmbls Evening Sunlight Geraint John C 16
Running Bobcat Dave Edwards C 16
Field Nurse Waiting Cliff Emery M 16
First Flight Steve Booth M 16
For Those In Peril Arfon John M 16
Gone Potty Stuart Meredith M 16
Into The Light Dai Dugay M 16
Rachel Linda Wellington M 16
Six Bells Miner Graham Cull M 16
A Compilation Of Blackberries Cliff Emery C 15
Film On Scooters Steve Booth C 15
Laura Linda Wellington C 15
Unruffled Brian Callard C 15
Changing Patterns Dewi Jones M 15
Street In Dinan Linda Cowen M 15
Bartailed Godwit, Florida Ken Linnard C 14
Kings Road, Chelsea Dewi Jones C 14
Wetland Lodge Geraint John M 14
Starling Calling Ken Linnard M


Prints –

Chapter Steps Stuart Meredith C 20
Round Up Dave Edwards M 20
Common Honey Bee Colin Kelly C 19
Owl In Flight Haydn Thomas C 19
Cradled Colin Kelly M 19
Flashonda Brian Callard C 18
Rachel Linda Wellington C 18
Stalking Puma Dave Edwards C 18
Tiger At Rest Linda Cowen C 18
All Alone Ken Watkins C 17
Craig yr Nos, Autumn Sunset Dave Dugay C 17
I Saw A Mouse In There Cliff Emery C 17
Stranded Brian Callard M 17
Westbury On Severn Dewi Jones M 17
Khufu Boat, Egypt Dave Jones C 16
Paxton Tower Norman Lemon C 16
The Bridge Haydn Price C 16
Anthony Linda Wellington M 16
David and Goliath Stuart Meredith M 16
Joseph Cliff Emery M 16
Carew Castle Norman Lemon M 15
Grey Wolves In Snow Linda Cowen M 15
Mooring At Golden Sands Beach Ken Linnard M 15
Autumn Reflections Ken Price C 14
Osprey With Fish Ken Linnard C 14
Canal Boat Haydn Thomas M 14
Drive In The Park Ken Watkins M 14
Resolven Falls Dave Dugay M 14
Sculpture By The Sea Dave Jones M 14

Congratulations to the Winners and the runners-up.

Next competition is in January – “Guess What It Is”  – should be fun.