Competition 2 Fear

This competition was judged Tuesday night 30th October, should have been Halloween night shouldn’t it !, but then again judging by some of those present perhaps they were in costume, or do they always look like that !

Judge was a new man to us , Mr Jenkins from Newport, I don’t think he upset anyone either so he must have been OK

Some of our usual members were missing , holidays , wedding anniversaries and malaise being the cause, not sure who qualified in which category !.

Overall points for club championship were a pain to work out as several prints had the same score, however here goes. 1st Overall was Arfon with one of his “left field” enties called “the mugging”, some members seemed a little unsure of what this was! obviously the judge liked it though. 2nd was a gritty mono (nearly mis spelt that one , from Dave Edwards called the intruder, the judge liked this one too as it edged out Arfon’s “anyone there”, it didn’t matter really cause he Arfon , would not have got two bites at the overall points. 3rd overall jointly were Terry Goss, Kevin Hunt, and Ben Clarkson, Kevin with Cliff as a model and a rather large snake, not sure who was the most frightened !, Ben with a Salmon head, mouth wide open and a fly sitting on its tongue,and Terry with a comment on modern day fear, featuring “possible” hoodlums in a underpass with a pedestrian waiting to go past (or Not), Titled” Well , would you or wouldn’t you ?”, In a way i think that was one of the best illustrations of fear in the whole competition, but then i was not the judge !.

DPI’s were easier to score, Haydn’s Jenna found herself threatened by a knife wielding stranger, first place , 2nd joint were Ben Clarkson with a title of “I want to get off”, obviously attributed to a passenger on a scary fairground ride, but no one to be seen just a ride full of people , oh well just as well I was not the judge!, tying with him ( pun there if you saw the image ), was Julian with a nearly dressed young lady, who possibly fell foul of a macriami fetishist (or is that paper cutting ) anyway she was rather tied up !, the Title was a heart rending plea for help of just one word that you could well imagine coming from her ,,, “Please”, perhaps another e would give it more expression ,,,, pleease ! Equal 4th were Roy Thomas with a spider and a nubile young lady who obviously did not suffer from the fear title “Arachniphobia” (think she might have felt the cold though ) and Goss man again with a very witty take on the Chorizo sausage advert from the telly, dressing the sausage up with a mexican hat, while he realistically grimaced at the sausage ( some say thats his normal look) and pointed a gun at it whilst saying the title, “Not so spicy now are you !”.

By the way Terry where did you get the gun ? better watch out, the plod may see it and want a licence (or do you have a licence to kill too just like Bondman !!!!!)

Oh well thats got that out of the way, Saturday is the Pixels judging at Talbot Green, car full with me but i shall leave the club at 12.45, anyone who wants to follow can, well worth the journey if only for the buffet. If you are thinking of coming , ring me and I can give you basic instructions where to head for . 07890 467918