Competition 1 ‘Open’

Tuesday 8th Sept. is the hand-in for Comp.1 (Open).  Remember this year we have a new category in Mono Projected Images.  Remember the maximum entry is as follows –

  • 1 Colour Print
  • 1 Mono Print
  • 1 Colour PI
  • 1 Mono PI

If you are entering prints please put a digital version of the print onto a flash/pen drive in a folder marked prints.  This will make it easier to keep a record of the prints entered.  The back of your print mount should have two pieces of information the Title and an arrow showing the TOP of the print. 

PI’s should be sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels along the longest side in Landscape format.  If your image is in Portrait format then the maximum height should be 1050 pixels.  The following information should be in the Properties section of the image – Title, Competition No. and NPS number in the appropriate boxes.  The image should only show the Title when displayed on screen.

Colin Kelly (Comp.Sec.)