Advance Notice


SELECTION FOR THE CELTIC CHALLENGE, INTER FEDERATION SLIDE and OUR FIRST INTER CLUB BATTLE will take place either Tuesday 21st August or Thursday 23rd August. Your Entries MUST be handed to ME by 21st August LATEST 


Yes I know these are already on the programme but if i put this in BIG PRINT hopefully members will notice it.

The new season will soon be upon us, so this is a quick reminder of what we will soon be needing for the first few external comps.


  1. ROY THOMAS needs about 10 prints colour or mono plus 10 dpi,s for the CELTIC CHALLENGE and INTER FEDERATION SLIDE COMPETITION, these need to be selected and in his hands BEFORE 1st SEPTEMBER 2007.
  2. SEPTEMBER 11th, DPI’s for our home battle 6 to be selected , I shall not be available  for this  contact Arfon.
  3. PIXELS 07, 4 dpi’s, 2 colour 2 mono, will be required by early October latest.
  4. STANLEY CHELL, 4 prints any format , Selection early October , must be with me before end of OCTOBER.
  5. BRIDGEND PRINT BATTLE.  Selection Night OCTOBER 23rd.

As you can see the start of the season will be a very busy time , please help by looking out for your possible images (prints or DPI’s). They can be handed in to me for inclusion in selection any time now , just let me know which comp they are for .

REMEMBER, if not selected for one competition they can still be entered for another EXTERNAL one, it is only our internal comps that you can not enter a print or DPI for more than one competition.

A good tip worth  remembering is that if you have a really good image it’s worth having a copy made, then you can enter it in two competitions close to each other.

PLEASE REMEMBER all internal competition entries will be anonymous this year and you will be allowed to enter TWO DPI’s per competition. Your individual  club number for competition will be allocated soon .   

Tony Love Comp Sec