Ace of Clubs – Report

Sunday 15th Feb, Talbot Green Community Centre….this was the venue and time for the Ace of Clubs Competition.  This competition is open to all members of the WPF and of the 50 or so member clubs 15 turned up for battle.  For the uninitiated, we had to pre-select 30 images and submit these as a master disc by the end of January,  nominating 10 for round one with the proviso of no more than 3 from any author and no more than 5 wildlife.  On the day our round one score put us in 6th position with a score of 104 out of a possible 150.  Round 2 and the selectors had to pick 10 more images from our original 30 with the same rules as round 1.  End of round 2 we were in 4th place with a score of 214 out of a possible 300.  Only the top 8 teams went through to the final round with the other 7 fighting for the Plate.  We were in the final.  The selectors now had to find 15 images (no more than 4 from any author and no more than 5 wildlife) from our original 30.  At the end of Round 3 we finished in 6th place with a score of 166 out of a possible 225.  The winners were The Vale Camera Club with 181.  Well done to the selectors for their hard work and in the words of one of our members “Next Year, Jerusalem”

Colin Kelly (Comp Sec)