Ace Of Clubs

Sunday 17th February saw a team from the club set out for our first attempt at this digital version of what previously was “the” slide event of the year; clubs would submit 30 images to be used , many would take slides with various degrees of saturation etc so they could revise their choice according to how the projector was working. With “Projected digital images “,(note the slight change in wording from digital projected images as it has been pointed out you can not digitally project an image , only progect a digital image , OK GET IT ), we still had to provide 30 images for 3 rounds of competition (well two if you were not in the top eight after round two ), first 10 for round one were selected prior to competition day, round two was ten further images selected from your remaining twenty; round three was a completely clean slate, all scores deleted and you selected 15 images from your 30 to contest the final round.
Unfortunately we had fairly competitive first ten, the remainder were just not up to the standard of the opposition. To give you some idea such was the standard of opposition previous favourites like corus sunrise and my boy only scored 12 out of a possible 15.
At the end of the day we ended up joint last , a sorry day, we just did not have enough really good images to hold our own wih the top clubs; it’s one thing to beat them with a six image battle but when you have to enter 30 competitive images we just did not cut the mustard.
I will confirm individual scores later as I have left the print out in the club .