A G M 2008

Well the AGM has been and gone, no major changes were made, in fact such is the members satisfaction of their committee that no new members were proposed therefore all existing members were retained. A new Chairman elect was voted in, congratulations to Cliff Emery who has been press ganged in. now you can bang that gavel Cliff !

As Brian Callard had indicated earlier this year, he was to give up the post of programme secretary , Ben Clarkson has volunteered to take up this post with Brian at his side to guide him along the right road. Thank you Brian for all the unsung work you have done this last few years, it is a thankless task that no one sems to want to try their hand at !, Ben, you are part of the establishment now , heaven help us !, seriously , well done for having the courage to agree to take up this task, we are all behind you (at the bar ) , your first task is to order the first round at the Athletic club after camera club closes !