Print and Slide of the year

Last night we welcomed Brian Coleman , chairman of the Welsh Salon and Bridgend camera club member to the club as officiating judge.He is probably one of the most respected judges to visit us and last night certainly did nothing last night to detract from that opinion .

With only 10 prints to judge one might think he had an easy task but as he admitted the top 3 were almost impossible to separate and at the end of the day personal preference had to play a part. The winning print eventually turned out to be “Looks Suspicious” by Arfon, a image captured during a night photography exercise, the subject believe it or not was Terry Goss looking suitably suspicious, 2nd was Haydn’s very successful mono print “Over the Last”, 3rd was Dave Edwards’s “Ursus Maritimus” or Polar bear to you and I .4th was Terrie’s little dog with short legs entitled “Wait for Me” ,and Roy Thomas sneaking in in 5th spot with his take on Cardiff Bay Lights .

Well done everyone, your work was a credit to the club although i understand some may not have seen it that way !!!!

DPI’s were in even shorter supply , why they do not seem to be popular I can not make out, perhaps some one can tell me ! With only 7 to judge it did not take long to sort out the winning image which was Dave Edwards’s “Breaking Through” , the ice breaker in the arctic waters !, 2nd was Terry Goss with another icy image, this time of Haydn waiting in the snow for an imaginary girlfriend and entitled “She told me 1 oclock, its now 3 ” !, 3rd place went to Arfon and Meriels reflection in the brass called “Through a Glass Darkly “,4th was “There it is” by Ken Watkins which had given the judge amusement and Julien’s shot of “Clare” took 5th place .

Again well done everyone but i would ask that suggestions not be directed to the judges until after scores have been announced as this can cause confusion .

I also understand that some people felt that the second place DP image was actually the winner as the image on the screen changed as the judge announced the winner . All I can say is that it makes no difference to Photographer of the Year points and hopefully if there are any queries in future they should be raised immediately . I also understand that both photographers involved accepted the result as it was given and have no hard feelings , so please make note of my comments and make your queries known straight away in future

I look forward to seeing you all at the annual presentation where it will become clear who has taken the P.O.Y and of course all the other awards too . Beginners night Thursday too don’t forget !