Committee Meeting – Summary

The following important decisions were made at yesterday’s committee meeting:

Photographer of the Year – Starting next season the committee have provisionally agreed to the introduction of a new scoring system to judge monthly competitions and decide Photographer of the year. In short, judges will be asked to score prints entered in our monthly competitions out of 100 and points for external competitions will be adjusted accordingly. At the beginning of next season a list of eligible external events with information on how to enter will be made available to members. The aim is to simplify the scoring system and to encourage as many members as possible to enter external competitions.Tony has been asked to look at the implications of the new system and provide details to members at the start of next season. A brief eAGM will be required to ratify the changes. Further details to follow.

  • Selection Committee – NPS will invite the top four scoring photographers at the end of each season to select images for external competitions in the following year. So wait for the phone call!!

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Kevin Hunt