Educational Program

On our Beginners Night we provide an educational program covering the basic principles of photography aimed at novice photographers.

The program is delivered by members of the Society;  each session includes basic theory, practical demonstrations and individual assignments to help participants to understand and enjoy using their own camera.

The Beginners Group’s informal and friendly approach to learning has proved very popular over the years and has encouraged many to take up full membership of the Society and share our enjoyment of photography.

If you are interested in coming along see our section ‘How to Get Involved’

Beginners Course 2019-2020

Session 1: 12th Sept

  • Opening night – an informal “getting to know you” evening with some basic photographic advice.
  • Tutor: Stuart Meredith.

Session 2: 26th Sept

  • Composition.
  • Tutor: Denice Evans

Session 3: 10th Oct

  • Exposure and basic camera controls.
  • Tutor: Arfon John and Brian Callard

Session 4: 24th Oct

  • Metering the light.
  • Tutor: Brian Callard

Session 5: 7th Nov

  • Using apertures effectively.
  • Tutor: Roy Thomas

Session 6: 21st Nov

  • Using Shutter speeds effectively.
  • Tutor: Arfon John

Session 7: 5th Dec

  • White Balance and using artificial light.
  • Tutor: Brian Callard

Christmas Break

Session 8: 9th Jan

  • Painting with light.
  • Tutor: Ross Evans

Session 9: 23rd Jan

  • Home studio portrait.
  • Tutor: Arfon John

Session 10: 6th Feb

  • Flash photography.
  • Tutor: Arfon John

Session 11: 20th Feb

  • Low light/night photography.
  • Tutor: Darrell Shand

Session 12: 5th March

  • Basic image editing.
  • Tutor: Anne Morgan

Session 13: 19th march

  • Show and tell – Critique evening.
  • Group session

Session 14: 2nd April

  • Practical Evening
  • Tutor: Arfon

Session 15: 16th April

  • Image Mounting and Display:
  • Tutor: Colin Wilkie