A Guide for Parents, Guardians and Carers

Neath Photographic Society (NPS) operates a Child Protection Policy relevant to our 16 and 17 year old Junior Members. The Child Protection Policy document is available for view from our website and can be supplied in hard copy by request.

The Club undertakes to make best efforts to protect minors and vulnerable adults from any form of abuse or discrimination.

Whilst NPS has a duty to take all reasonable steps to ensure the general welfare and protection of minors and vulnerable adult members, the Club does not undertake the all-encompassing responsibilities of parents or those acting in the role of guardians or carers.

You are encouraged to attend meetings with your child, at least during the early stages of their membership, to ensure that you are happy with the club environment.

Minors are treated as any other club member and are encouraged to feel part of the club community.

It is a club requirement that minors and vulnerable adults are accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when participating in photographic field trips, as safety cannot be assured by club members.

We maintain a list of members that includes addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. We ask that you provide your own telephone numbers and email addresses for communication purposes and do not provide those of your child.

Should your child have any special medical or physical needs you are required to advise the Club in writing. In any accident/medical emergency all efforts will be made to contact you ASAP.

You should be aware that images containing nudity and other adult content may be shown during club evenings. These occasions cannot always be predicted. The club does not sanction distasteful imagery of any kind, however it may show images acceptable in the world of art or photojournalism etc, that are likely to be of the nature seen in the public domain in art galleries or photographic exhibitions.

Should the Club or any member wish to use a photographic image of your child, the Club or club member will require a model release form stating the date, model name (or child’s name), type of photography (or shoot) to be signed and approved by you.

The junior membership application form must be countersigned by the parent or guardian or by the authorised carer of a vulnerable adult, thereby signifying acceptance of the conditions of membership.

Should you wish to discuss any issue, have any concerns or suggestions on how we may improve our policies then please contact the Club Secretary or any committee member.

Download a copy of our Guide for Parents, Guardians and Carers