10 members turned up by the appointed time for this much awaited trip( well one had to be rescued when his car failed to start).

The weather did not look too promising as we left but confidence was high that it would improve, indeed after a breakfast halt at the Little chef in St Clears for some of us and ohers who opted for Tescos Haverfordwest, the clouds started to roll back. we are  reliably informed that Sat Nav does not work in tescos car park by the way !

Arriving in good time at Martins haven we found the first boat had left early with a full load and we were all able to catch the second trip which had us on the island before 10.00. Once off the boat we were given a quick lecture by a warden on what to do and what not to do before yomping off up the hill for Puffin Plateau.

From here we split up into separate groups and we all found different subjects to photograph with no problem of waiting your turn for that one shot.

By 14.00hrs most of us headed for the 15.00 return trip but some decided to try for a second trip to Puffin Plateau.

2 of the tardy types managed to catch the 15.30 trip but 2 others were thought to be missing in action, some said they were topping up their tan basking with the seals, but they eventually arrived on the last boat trip back !

Once we were all accounted for we set off for a quick side trip to St Brides Bay where we were treated to a master class in photography by one member who was so engrossed in his task that he failed to notice a large black dog using his tripod as a lamp post !, just wish i had my camera ready !

From St Brides it was a leisurely ride back to Llanddarog for a meal break in the Butchers Arms where several members were seen seeing off 14oz fillet steaks !

A great trip which certainly gave most of us a start with our summer tan, thanks must go from all the passengers to Brian Callard, Kevin Hunt and Colin Kelly for being  chauffers for the day.

One short footnote, I was reliably told by one member that you should not watch  the new James Bond film if you are of a sensitive nature, don’t know what he meant, must be a story in there somewhere, perhaps another day; but don’t forget a good journalist never lets the truth stand in the way of a good story !.

Tony Love.