WPF NEWSFLASH 329 5.03.2007

Start of a new era! Philippa has handed over the reins for this invention of hers. It was successful under her control because you kept her informed of activities in the Photographic world which she could share with everyone ? so if you have any information just drop me a line and I?ll spread the word. Looking forward to hearing from you!


We require a public hall or gallery to display these 150 20? x 16? prints. Recently we have been fortunate to have use of St. Donats but I really would like to take this work to other areas in the WPF so that all our members can get the opportunity to see the quality of work being selected at a uk level.

The need is for a hall with sufficient wall space (Can be supplemented with free standing boards) to mount these 150 prints elegantly with decent lighting. The hall needs to be open to the public (free) and available with exclusive use for these prints in the rooms allocated (don?t want dancing or antique fairs taking place!) it needs to be manned, either by the hall?s staff or we will need the sponsoring Club to have their members available to mind the store.

You could obviously use this to promote your Club in your area and perhaps attract new members; support and help will be available from the WPF Executive to assist in managing the event.

So if you think you have an opportunity to do this then contact me and we can jointly review your suggestions ? I need to have the venue sorted by April ? get on your bike and check your locality, the WPF area must have something we can use!

Roy Thomas

President WPF