There will be a selection meeting held on the 24th Sept.  You are invited to submit 4 Prints and 4 PI’s for this selection.  Selected images will represent the club in one of the following competitions.

  • 4th October – Amman Valley 4 Way Battle (8 Prints & 8 PI’s)
  • 7th November 2009 – Pixels 09 – Talbot Green Community Centre Closing Date For Entry 16th October 2009 (2 Colour & 2 Mono PI’s)
  • 9th November – Bridgend Print Battle (5 Prints) Closing Date for Entries 12th October
  • 12th November 2009 – Stanley Chell Print Competition (4 Prints) – Rhondda Camera Club

We need your submissions to enable the club to take part in external competitions and battles.  I will also be using the top 5 entries from Competition 1.  If you do not want your print/pi to be used then please make it known to me on the 22nd at Competition 1.


Colin Kelly (Comp. Sec)