Selection, Stanley Chell Competition.

Selection for this competition took place after club last Tuesday night.

With only 1 print per member allowed for selection process the selection committee still had 14 to pick from, only one selection had seen competition before , that was Arfon’s “Eye Contact”. A superb Natural history shot of a Heron (called”Ruffled Feathers”) by Ken Watkins made a welcome appearance, think you had better get this reprinted Ken, it will make selection again i feel and must surely go in to the Natural History section of the Swansea International !

Lakeland cart was found in a Lake district meadow recently by Haydn while on a weekend visit along with a few other reprobates.

Terry’s “Burry Port Sunset” again showed the value of photographic expeditions a this was caught just before we returned from BurryPort on one of our Tuesday night trips last Summer.

Judging takes place at Aberdare Saturday 17th November 2.30pm. Again I am sure there will be spare seats available for anyone who would like to come.

It really is a worthwhile trip to any of the external competitions as you will get a better feel for what is in favour at the moment and hopefully meet other like minded camera club members from other clubs to exchange your views with .

Judging for this event will be on Saturday the 17th November 14.00 hrs

Transport will leave the Clubhouse about 12.30, but will confirm the time in club Tuesday night