With a record entry for our first themed competition of the season, 36 prints and 34 PI’s, our Judge for the night John Davies AWPF DPAGB had his work cut out.  The standard of entry was very high with some beautiful seascapes on show, and some puzzlers!  Results were as follows:-


Tranquillity Ken Watkins C 20
Caspian Tern Over Sea Ken Linnard C 19
Evening Light Colin Kelly C 19
Just Fishing Haydn Thomas C 19
Tranquility Shines Steve Booth C 19
Flat Calm Ken Watkins M 18
Iceberg Ahead Dave Edwards M 18
Osprey Taking Fish Ken Linnard M 18
The Roost Colin Kelly M 18
Good Morning Dean Ross C 17
Low Tide Norman Lemon C 17
Freshwater Stuart Meredith C 16
Heading North Dave Edwards C 16
At The Waters Edge Haydn Thomas M 16
Bracelet Bay Linda Cowen M 16
Strumble Light Brian Callard M 16
A Stroll By The Sea Kevin O’Gorman C 15
Incoming Tide Alison Evans C 15
Mumbles Pier Linda Cowen C 15
Three Cliffs Bay Nigel Evans C 15
Scene, At Sea Dewi Jones M 15
Got To Get The Shot Dave Isaac C 14
Look Out, Wave Cliff Emery C 14
Purple Haze Dave Jones C 14
Straight Between The Islets Arfon John C 14
Surf Watchers Brian Callard C 14
Escape From The Storm Arfon John M 14
Homeward Bound Cliff Emery M 14
Into The Light Nigel Evans M 14
Mumbles Lighthouse Norman Lemon M 14
Rocks On The Beach Dean Ross M 14
Sea, Sand and Pebbles Alison Evans M 14
Stormy Weather Dave Isaac M 14
The Walk Of Protection Steve Booth M 14
To Catch A Wave Dave Jones M 14
Ventnor Bay Stuart Meredith M



Tides Out Stuart Meredith C 20
The Rescue Cliff Emery M 20
Porthcawl Rocks Geraint John C 19
Coastal Protection Haydn Thomas M 19
Boys Games Linda Wellington M 19
On Thin Ground Arfon John C 18
The Worm Colin Kelly C 18
Rock Column Graham Cull C 18
Turbulant Sea Haydn Thomas C 18
The Intrepid Explorer Nigel Evans C 18
Down And Out, The Sun and Tide Steve Rees C 18
Dunure Castle Colin Kelly M 18
Scarborough Bay Cliff Emery C 17
Sea and Ice – Hinlopen Strait Dave Edwards C 17
Hebridean Beach Linda Wellington C 17
Rhosilli Bay Dave Edwards M 17
Walking The Dog Graham Cull M 17
On The Beach Alison Evans C 16
Stackpole Norman Lemon C 16
Sunbeam Cascade Steve Booth M 16
Looking South Dewi Jones C 15
Frozen Sea Linda Cowen C 15
Catching The Surf Steve Booth C 15
Slash Alison Evans M 15
Sailing In The Isles Brian Callard M 15
Rocky Dave Isaac M 15
Evening Tide Nigel Evans M 15
Mumbles Lighthouse Norman Lemon M 15
Sea-Escape Brian Callard C 14
Oops Dave Isaac C 14
Two People and A Jellyfish Arfon John M 14
The Skerries From Burwick Dewi Jones M 14
Icy Sea Linda Cowen M 14
Sole Fishing Stuart Meredith M 14