Rob’s Revenge

After putting up with leg pulling all through the close season over his “panoramic head” and how long it takes to set up , Rob Lethbridge had his own back last night.

His “Silica Highlight” took a equal win in the colour print section tying with Terry Goss’s “In Third Place”, a very good shot of 3 motorbikes together, with the third one in focus, well worth the trip to Aberdare park Terry ?

Mono print saw that man Goss triumphant again with a lovely clock tower shot from Cardiff Bay which held off arch rival Kevin Hunt’s “Walking the Dog”, Rob managed a third here with a moody version of “Fan Nedd”

The DPI section was probably Rob’s best effort, his “Rhossilli Headland” had the judge guessing, was it a very wide angle shot ?, or possibly a stitch job ?, not likely thought the judge, that takes too much work to get all elements in line and matching. I wonder what he would have said if he knew it was a result of 13, yes 13 shots stitched together taken with that Panoramic head !

As it was the judge awarded him 19 points, this was NOT GOOD ENOUGH to win , giving him 3rd place as Julian Brock came up with a beautiful portrait of “Katie”, as only Julian can and Haydn Thomas was not to be outdone as his “Robin” tied for the 20 point first place.

A measure of the quality of the DPI’s was that this section was the only section that had a 20 (2 in fact), and a 19 point award, therefore , as I see it these were the judges choice of best in the competition.

All told a very good start to the competition season with no fewer than 3 new to competition members entering, I was going to say “virgin members” but thought that might not go down too well ! Well done Ken, Frank And Desiree, keep it up, don’t forget that winning shot is only a 100th of a second away !