Remote Backup Online?

Last week in the beginners night we considered the issue of data storage and the importance of making regular backup copies of your photographs to protect against unexpected hard disk failure, fire or theft. A good option is to have at least one backup copy of your photographs on an external hard drive; external hard drives offer an increasingly convenient and economical solution as capacity of drives increase and cost come down.

But what about remote backup online? This question was asked by one of the beginners; something I have to confess to knowing very little about. If you are one of those people lucky enough to have a fast Internet connection online backup may offer a realistic option. As it happens PCPro review remote online backup services in their November 2008 issue offering an interesting overview of the services on offer. If you are considering using an online service to backup your photographs it is certainly worth getting hold of a copy to learn more. I was surprised to learn how economical online backup services can be with at least one company offering unlimited storage for $49.95 annual fee!!

With these sort of prices, online backup may be worth consideration as part of your backup routine provided you have a fast Internet connection. A more detailed review is now available in the NPS Forum