Pixels 08 – Report

Saturday the 1st November saw the biggest gathering of Welsh Camera Clubs I have ever seen. In all there were 38 Clubs represented.  We started off with high expectations, even talking in the car going up it was said we had a very strong set of images, and talk even got around to who would accept the award.

What a shock!  We started of with a 15 in the first round from Brian Callards ‘Perlan Building’, in the second round Dave Edward’s ‘Normandy Jetty’ got a disappointing 12 so we ended the first half with 27 out of a possible 40 points.  The second half saw us hit back with a 19 from Terry Goss’s ‘Who’s There (Vulpes Vulpes)’ but disappointment hit us right in the soft parts when Haydn Thomas’s ‘Otter (Lutra Lutra)’ only scored 14, that’s the judge off my Xmas card list.  This gave us a total of 60 and put us in the final position of joint 19th.  The winners were Tenby who were the only club to break the 70 point mark.  The only thing won by Neath was when Haydn picked up 2 prizes in the raffle.  Never mind, there’s always next year………..

Colin Kelly (Competition Sec.)