Bridgend Print Battle – Report

On Monday (10th Nov) a few of us went to Bridgend Camera Club to see how we fared in the 5 way battle. I’m sorry to say that we didn’t fare very well at all.  Our opening print Come Back, I didn’t mean it (Terry Goss) scored a poor 14 and from there it only got marginally better.  Our scores were :-

  • Come Back, I didn’t mean it (Terry Goss) 14 pts
  • Otter (Lutra Lutra) – (Haydn Thomas) 15pts
  • Antique Forks (Arfon John) 15 pts
  • High Seat (Kevin Hunt) 16 pts
  • Normandy Jetty (Dave Edwards) 14 pts
  • Perlan Building (Brian Callard) 16 pts.

This gave us a total score of 90 pts which pu us joint last with Cardiff CC.  The winners were Bridgend CC with 103 pts.  Why are we doing so badly in competition you might ask, the reason is simple – we just aren’t getting people’s best work submitted for selection.  Our last selection saw 5 photographers submitting prints.  This means that the selectors aren’t getting the variety they need.  We need to start winning these battles and we know there are photographers in the club that can help us do this.  So keep an eye out for the next selection evening and bring along your best work. After all it’s your club you are representing.

Colin Kelly (Comp.Sec)