Ace Of Clubs

Last week I promised to let you know the individual scores for images at the Ace, events beyond my control have slowed down my work rate ! , however here they are ; to prevent a long column I will just keep typing , round 1 corus sunrise Kevin 11 points,the eye terry 10 points,my boy terry, 12 points,Laura Arfon,10 points,ROYGBIV (the umbrella ) arfon,10 points, My reflective friend Haydn, 12 points,over the last Haydn,13 points ,The Chase ,Julian,11 points,dewis butterfly polyommatusicarus,9 points,ARachnaphobia roy thomas ,10 points

2nd round Rhossilli Rob lethbridge ,10 points,winterlandscape terry,12 points,Eve, Julian 10 points,lakeland cart haydn,10 points, They also make tyres Brian callard 11 points,perfect line Tony love,13 points, round bale Graham cull, 9 points,train at kongsfjordan Dave Edwards, 11 points,the tackle colin Kelly,1 points,Minstrel feeding B callard 12 points

Round 3 Ugh a spider, ben clarkson 10 points,study in white julian,8 points,Ian by cliff emery 9 points,My boy Terry, 12 points, my reflectionary friend haydn,11, points, over the last haydn, 13 points, the chase Julian,10 points, winter landscape,Terry,10 points, tyres by brian callard,11 points, perfect line Tony, 12 points, train dave Edwards 11 points,tackle colin kelly 12 points, minstrel by Brian Callard,11 points, corus by Kevin 11 points, the key arfon ,9 points, …. so there you have it