Lightroom Tutorials

On this page I will put links to download the Tutorials and Images used in the Lightroom Class.  The tutorials are all in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed or put onto a tablet so you can try them out and bring them with you.  The images available for download are copyrighted to myself only.  You can use them for practise and for the lessons but not for any other use.

Adobe Lightroom is available from Amazon or directly from Adobe.  A 30 day trial version is available for download.   The prices are – Full Version £105, Student Version £59 or Upgrade from Version 3  & 4 £59 all prices are approximate.

1 – What is Lightroom

2 – Creating a Catalogue

3 – Importing Your First Image – revised 28 June 2013

4 – Processing and Filtering Your Images

5 – The Develop Module

6 – Useful Tools

Images to download and Save to your folder for Thursday 8th August