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Carreg Cennen Castle 2021442 views2 commentsAlan Lewis06/15/21 at 22:24Arfon John: Terrific detail captured Alan.
Photogram 3420 viewsCameraless darkroom photogram1 commentsDewi Jones04/28/21 at 14:10Arfon John: Well it's not our solar system, but it could ...
Mantis Nymph portrait414 views1 commentsDavid Edwards03/14/21 at 09:13Arfon John: You could have had it smiling David.
This scored 19/20 in Comp 4 judge by Harry Gardiner. The image won "Winner of the Month" Nov 2020 in Club of Black and white Photography.407 views1 commentsArfon John12/16/20 at 07:30Arfon John: Harry said that the dress had no detail and it was...
403 views3 commentsDewi Jones08/25/20 at 21:10Arfon John: :-D What else can you do when the weather is bad? ...
491 views2 commentsAlan Lewis07/10/20 at 20:08Arfon John: Really like this Alan. Very topical.
Fox cub 561 viewsTaken last night in the garden trying out a trail camera 3 commentsDavid Edwards06/13/20 at 20:30Arfon John: You can't fool me; that's Linda wearing ...
Compearing life before and during the virus.412 views1 commentsAlan Lewis06/05/20 at 02:34Arfon John: I sincerely hope it's not what it could be; b...
Starling in flight.438 views11 commentsAlan Lewis06/05/20 at 02:32Arfon John: Excellent capture Alan. Hope that you and Mary are...
Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit260 viewsNot scored (pdi), "flora and fauna" category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 85mm, f/8, 1/8000sec, ISO 3200, -2ev.
This was the version I thought I had supplied for judging, but there was a mix up.
1 commentsTim Kavanagh04/26/20 at 00:24Arfon John: This is far stronger as a composition.
Red Kite313 viewsScored 19 (pdi), "flora and fauna" category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 160mm, f/5.6, 1/1600sec, ISO 1600.
4 commentsTim Kavanagh04/26/20 at 00:22Arfon John: What a fabulous photograph Tim. Congratulations......
First Steps in Beach Fishing278 viewsScored 17 (pdi), "scapes" category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 23mm, f/8, 1/800sec, ISO 400, -0.7ev.
2 commentsTim Kavanagh03/11/20 at 21:04Arfon John: I think I agree with the judge about losing the to...
Mumbles Head246 viewsScored 19 (print), "scapes" category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 16mm, f/7.1, 1/400sec, ISO 100, -0.7ev, tripod.
1 commentsTim Kavanagh03/11/20 at 21:00Arfon John: A brave and extremely effective crop Tim. Nice sho...
Nash Point Sunset263 viewsScored 20 (print), "scapes" category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 16mm, f/5.6, 1/60sec, ISO 400, -1.7ev, tripod.
1 commentsTim Kavanagh03/11/20 at 20:57Arfon John: Well deserved winner Tim. Many congratulations. : ...
Atradius283 viewsFujifilm X-T100 f9 1/420 ISO 200
DPI Scored 17/20 in Club Comp 2 (Architecture) 2019/20
This is a building at Cardiff Bay
1 commentsRobert Barker11/29/19 at 06:24Arfon John: This is a lovely building Robert and is very photo...
Under the Arcade289 viewsFujifilm X-T100 f4.7 1/30 ISO200
DPI scored 17/20 for the Club in the Home Battle in September 2019
Street photography in Turin. Turin reportedly has 18km of arcades.
2 commentsRobert Barker11/26/19 at 04:27Arfon John: Welcome to our gallery Bob
Of Sea and Stone311 viewsScored 20 (print), open category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 35mm, f/11, 91sec, ISO 100, 10 stop ND filter, tripod.
1 commentsTim Kavanagh11/24/19 at 07:14Arfon John: Congrats on getting 20/20 from Les Loosemore in Co...
Clifton bridge.395 views2 commentsAlan Lewis10/28/19 at 03:21Arfon John: Good mono night shot Alan.
Nashpoint Lighthouse328 viewsScored 16 (print), open category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 18mm, f/4, 1/640sec, ISO 100, -1ev.
3 commentsTim Kavanagh10/10/19 at 14:25Arfon John: I thought that may have been your intention becau...
Architecture Abstracted299 viewsScored 16 (pdi), open category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 48mm, f/10, 1/125sec, ISO 100, -0.7ev.
2 commentsTim Kavanagh10/10/19 at 02:51Arfon John: There's great tension in this image because w...
Nashpoint Lighthouse328 viewsScored 16 (print), open category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 18mm, f/4, 1/640sec, ISO 100, -1ev.
3 commentsTim Kavanagh10/10/19 at 02:47Arfon John: Agreed with judge about this. Wording included in ...
Literature321 viewsScored 17 (print), open category.
Pentax K-5IIs. 26mm, f/8, 1/5sec, ISO 200, -0.7ev.
2 commentsTim Kavanagh10/10/19 at 02:45Arfon John: I like this as it is. I didn't get the judges...
Angry Neo Tropical Rattle Snake589 views2 commentsDavid Edwards10/10/19 at 02:44Arfon John: Arghhhhhhhhh...........but a cracking shot David.
319 views1 commentsAlan Lewis09/15/19 at 01:57Arfon John: Nice lump of Cheddar Alan. Good shot of the moon.
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