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Topic: Tightening a chinese bowen speed ring adapter.

A very poorly manufactured Chinese, Bowen speed ring adapter fitted to a soft box via an 'S' bracket, meant the soft box was prone to working loose without warning.

Knowing that my options were limited, having to return everything back to the online retailer and then possibly experiencing the same issue with a replacement. I decided to try a diy fix. The easiest option was to lengthen the speed ring lugs in some way, which would limit the free play in the connection.

I did this by drilling two holes at the end of each lug of the speed ring adapter and then drove two steel pins Into the holes, effectively increasing the overall length of each lug. I used two pins on each lug to stabilise it in use. This has proved to be quiet successful.

I thought this information might come in handy in the future and have included a photo to show the finished job.

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Re: Tightening a chinese bowen speed ring adapter.

Nice one Alan. I haven't experienced that particular problem but have had the opposite one where the lugs were too large on the ring of a Neewer beauty dish (probably Chinese made).This was a simple filing down job but it seems that LUGS are a weak point in far eastern manufacturing.

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Re: Tightening a chinese bowen speed ring adapter.

This was a Neewer product too. What a shame the quality control at Neewer is so poor and unpredictable. It discourages me from buying more of their equipment in the future, even though much of what they produce is of an acceptable quality.