Dinas Rock – 2016

We meet at the club on Tuesday 9th August and leave for Dinas Rock in Pontneathvaughan at 6.30pm.

Dinas Rock

Dinas Rock

Dinas Rock is owned by Natural Resources Wales. The woodlands in this area are designated as part of the Neath & Mellte Valleys and Moel Penderyn site of special scientific interest. It is a destination for those interested in rock climbing, gorge walking and bouldering. The Sychryd trail, is a five minute walk from the main car park to the Sgydau Sychryd cascade between Dinas Rock and the spectacular rock known as Bwa Maen.

Bwa Maen Rock

Bwa Maen

The turbulent waters of the Sychryd have cut down into the landscape over many tens of thousands of years to produce this gorge and allow us to take a look into the heart of one of Britain’s great lines of geological weakness. Indeed its this weakness which the river has been able to exploit rocks shattered as movement has repeatedly taken place along the Dinas Fault. Each movement felt at the surface as an earthquake. It was particularly active around 300 million years ago, but even today there is still the occasional tremor originating from somewhere along the length of the ˜Neath Disturbance, the name given to a collection of geological faults and folds stretching from Swansea Bay to Hereford. The last significant one took place near Swansea on the 27th June 1906, only a few weeks after the calamitous earthquake which destroyed large parts of San Francisco.

Sgydau Sychryd Cascade